How will choosing a wrong hosting service affect you?

Choosing a reliable web hosting company is the most important decision you take when building a website. A wrong service provider can impact you in the following way.

  • Loss of Revenue – Downtime is the moment when a browser cannot access your website, which can last from few seconds to several hours. This is that time when you can lose many of your potential customers. This is worst if you host an online store. A forty minute outage at Amazon cost them $5 million. This will help you understand the importance of having a site up always.
  • SEO Ranking – If your site is often down for even few minutes or even slow, then your SEO ranking gets adversely affected.
  • Security and Malware Attacks – These attacks are a part and parcel of internet. A reputable service provider will keep back-up and help you restore in case of hacking. You will also be advised constantly on maintenance and security issues.

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